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become a movement, you can try to change with the government or negotiate with the government. deps on your strategy. start small, focus, build around local nonpolitical issues, which is where you learn the technology of nonviolent struggle. then you achieve a little victory. then the people start joining because the people who join the things which are successful. and if you are branded well and know how to communicate, you have a movement, and then see how the government will deal with it, because the more oppressive government is, the less space for use of the suppression. because they already are using every single way of censorship, and they're, after 30 years, i don't find them very flexible in dealing with the new ways of protesting. the more closed the system, the more oppressive regime, the less flexible. really flexible regimes are not the most -- when you look at the really flexible regimes who learned fast, like the one in venezuela or russia, they're not north koreas them real problem with north korea, once they're there, they're cemented in their own little thing. so w
dramatically change his life. >> you miss it. >> i do miss it. strike people as ironic given that you were shot in the head. >> it was probably best chances of my life. i don't regret being in it. >> you still keep the helmet? >> yeah, it's right here. it's the entry wound. >> you can tell how much, how much bigger the opening is when it got through the helmet. >> it's been so long. it's been ten years, almost ten years. next month it will be ten years. >> april 8th. >> on that day, in 2003, bombs and bullets rain down on across baghdad. his unit was on patrol when snipers began firing. one moment he was yelling orders from commanders and the next he fell silent, a single bullet had pierced his helmet. just south of baghdad, i was embed would the surgical unit where he would eventually be transported. less than an hour after being shot, he had already been declared dead, twice. but by the time he got to us, he had a faint pulse. there were no neuro surgeons in the unit. i was asked to operate. i didn't hesitate. >> you're alive and that's what people always say. you survived when people have th
right now. obviously things can change, depending on negotiations. keep in mind tom coburn want the only republican in the game here. we have a number of republicans they're looking at. mark kirk who does not have a good nra rating, is a coresponsibilitiesor or was a co-sponsor for schumer. he's looking for other people to get. coburn is the one they wanted to get, because he thought he could bring 15 or more republicans with him, but there are different areas to getting this through the senate. >>> joe biden said today he wasn't giving up on a ban. he joined mayor bloomberg and families of the newtown connecticut shooting victims that called for the ban despite harry reid's decision to not include it in an overall gun bill. let's listen to the vp. >> for all those who say we shouldn't and can't ban assault weapons, for all those who say the politics is too heart, how can they say that, when you take a look at those 20 beautiful babies and what happened to them? and those six teachers and at march tors? for all those who say we shouldn't or couldn't ban high-capacity magazines, i ask the
on this change. the opportunity to reduce cost in the glazing package is a significant one. when we have completed the bidding of the first 5 major packages which include the skavgs, substructure, super structure, glazing and ceilings, we have locked in about 2 thirds of the value of the construction center. within those early packages, this system because of it's area, because of it's magnitude, presents a present unique opportunity for to us reduce construction cost in a significant way and that's where we are bringing forward this recommendation. >> and bob, just to clarify, you are saying that we are looking at a saving of up to $17.5 million. >> $17. million is what we are working with. in addition we are looking to discuss the rba guidance area and design team to incorporate those changes for the packages prepared for may of this year. again, we have reviewed, the staff has reviewed the design guidance criteria with dvs securities and sme, the architect, the program management team to identify the most cost-effective and practical means of fulfilling objectives and the guidance cr
, is now offering to plead guilty next change for life behind bars. holmes' lawyers want to avoid the death penalty. and jared loughner is the shooter who killed six people and wounded gabby giffords. his parents took away the shotguns and dabisabled his cart night so he couldn't leave. david, the white house has tried to use political capital to pass gun legislation. what are we expecting to hear from the president in the next hour? >> i think he's going to make the same statements as before and tie what happened in newtown to what he's trying to do and hammer home some of the main points, whether he may or may not get some of the biggest issues he's going for, like a ban on high-capacity magazines, a ban on assault weapons. it's not going to happen probably but he's going to push hard on background checks and make this a personal case again. with the family members. that's been his most powerful, you know, sort of point so far. he did it right after the shooting, as you nopknow, and i think the white house will hit home the same message. >> and you're reporting that senator chuck grassley
of hospital errors. ten years ago, we learned about the exhausted medical intern. so the policies changed. fewer hours, more changes of shift. but tonight, a counterintuitive surprise. did this put patients at greater risk? abc's chief medical and melt adviser richard besser on a vulnerable moment in a hospital room. watch out for the handoff. >> reporter: there are as many 98,000 deaths each year from mistakes made in america's hospitals. some of the blame -- exhausted doctors. but the new studies are raising questions about the fix. interns today report making more mistakes than they did when the shifts were longer and they had less sleep. one of the major reasons, shorter shifts mean doctors hand off critical information about you and your care to the next team on duty more frequently. whenever you or a loved one is in the hospital you need to be aware of this. think of it as a game of telephone. it used to be, during a three-day stay in the hospital, your information was handed off three different times. now as many as nine. the more handoffs, the greater the chance for mistakes. thes
're trying to do. but governor bush seemed to change his stance somewhat during a series of recent interviews prompting tough criticism from senate majority leader harry reid. >> let's wait for a few minutes and see how jeb bush changes his mind again. his opinion on immigration is not evolving. it's devolving. he keeps going backwards. i think he's frankly made a fool of himself the last 24 hours. frankly, on this issue, i don't think jeb bush is a florida leader. i think marco rubio is. bush has been elected to nothing lately. rubio is the leader on immigration. >> okay. joe, a new poll by latino decisions shows immigration reform is by far the most important issue for hispanic voters. that's by the economy and jobs, education and health care. >> john heilemann, let's talk, john heilemann, about your next book. bush -- "game change 2016." i think this may have to be the opening scene of jeb getting out of a cab in the middle of the dark, you know, in a cold march morning and walking into the "today" show when announcing that he's changed his mind. i mean, the second i heard it, i said, the
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, that isn't what the constitution says. it wasn't our troubled history with special prosecutors that changed my mind and converted me to the prospective, the view by the way that is laid out in justice scalia's descent. it was a recognition that the constitution is an appeal to function as a claim that something else would be better than the constitution. that may or may not be true, but it isn't an admissible argument about the structure that we have and that is today's prevailing view. they can claim credit for bringing about that change in our jurisprudence. i've gone on too long but i can't close with one vignette from the post solicitor general. you remember he was locked during the 1987 hearings he wanted to be on the court because it would be an intellectual feast. that sounded like the ivory tower by you probably don't remember the rest of his answer. the book sets out and i quote i would like to leave a reputation as a judge that understood the constitutional governments and contributed his bit to the ways the five described in the committee. the constitutional structure is the most
that is through the rule of law. so national committee was put together. and they changed a third of the constitution created an independent commission for elections, a new constitutional court, many other laws, so we took the systematic approach, mainly because of my experiences in being educated in the west and looking at how western systems did it, it was really the rule of law, and i sometimes am surprised by western think tanks and certain european ambassadors of our country where they say this is going to be very difficult. you think? this has been a major challenge and you can't have this by waving a magic wand. it will take work to create platforms so people will start in the next elections vote for candidates because they're on the left or right of those particular issues. that political party culture, that is the major challenge. and where we're starting from down in jordan, i think we're still steps ahead of many, many countries in the middle east. it's going to be tough for all of us, but that's the only way i think we can do it. >> your majesty, thank you very much. t
another prime example. if we were to do those things, it would change the psyche in congress, get people more courage and get us closer to doing things you've written about over the years. >>> we want to mark another important anniversary. and officials say, it has news to go with it. at least 56 people were killed this morning in explosions across iraq. that's exactly ten years after then president bush announced the u.s. invasion. most of today's attacks were car bombings around baghdad, including one near major government offices and foreign embassies. we're still getting information in on that in terms of casualties and injuries. elizabeth, you first, ten years later, where are we? well, it's a very difficult anniversary. no one remembers this fondly at all. the iraqis certainly don't remember this well. they're not marking this anniversary at all. i also think that the war changed fundamentally the way the united states thinks about war. look at how reluctant the president is right now to intervene in syria in a serious way. look at how reluctant the pentagon was to go to war to int
originally fought against the idea, but kpix 5 lynn ramirez found one man who has had a change of heart. >> reporter: he's ahead of the curve when it comes to san jose's new minimum wage law. >> we ended it rolling out in december instead of waiting all the way to march to do it. >> reporter: and the owner chuck hammer says a funny thing happened when he boosted prices and raised pay. workers became happier and more productive. >> it makes a big difference when you wake up in the morning and check your account and you can be able to pay for everything that you need. >> reporter: and customers barely noticed the 25-cent increase on slices. >> we've had a couple of customers notice, but when they find out it's all going to the employees, they like our employees, our employees are happy. so it's all worked out fine. >> reporter: that's not how it all started out. the voter-approved initiative which raises the minimum wage in san jose from $8 an hour to $10 was fought by business groups, including the san jose chamber of commerce. >> i've heard more compl
important. he woke up the american people. i think what you saw was a changing of the guard. you heard this all day. i do think you see ted cruz, senator from texas. marco rubio from florida. and rand paul from kentucky. that is the new guard. old guard is mccain, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell. i got to say, guys, when you look at it, the republicans, conservatives who would you rather have going forward representing you? the new young bucks -- they got it going on. by the way, for the record, mr. mccain after all this came out and said he thought rand paul was wrong for doing what he did. scratching my head all day why don't you embrace the young guys instead of continueed infighting? >> kimberly: it's interesting how it is lined up with who is pro and con versus a display of democracy. so what do you think about it? young guns? young bucks? what does this happen on libertarian island? >> greg: i'm still thinking 12 hours without peeing. that is a leak the white house is happy about. the big story here is not about the old or the new guard in my opinion. it's turning president obama
-- and i don't understand it because it makes no sense-- they have changed. and in fact they should be out there arguing for the rights of it gun owners, protecting the second amendment but we all know that certainly people shouldn't have guns. you just don't want to to give criminals guns. it has nothing to do with the second amendment. you don't want to give people with mental problems guns who might kill themselves or kill somebody else. that makes sense. up until now it's only been the nra. they've had the field to themselveses, and what i'm trying to do is explain to the public what the issues are and then let the public decide, and there are a lot of other people that want to join in this fight and give an aisle to the nra. it's simply a question of information and we did that in illinois a couple of weeks ago where we explained to the public the views of the different candidate cans when it comes to allowing guns to be purchased by kids and drug dealers. and the public went to the polls and they voted and they vote for somebody that-- who i've never met but they voted for somebody w
-- >> that's pocket change. literally pocket change for warren buffett. >> what did he say, his perspective is always interesting. >> his demeanor -- >> even when it comes to newspapers. >> local is still important. >> if he still likes stocks and likes companies, shouldn't people at home like stocks and companies? he's a thoughtful man. i like him. >> let's talk about the markets overall as we start the week. the dow starting within 75 points of its all-time closing high. the markets are facing some headwinds. you have continued wrangling in washington over the sequester. data showing the wealthy shouldering the load in consumer spending. futures are lower after a sell-off in the shanghai market after beijing announced new property buying restrictions. you add all these things together, jim, and you think slowing growth around the world. we also, of course, got the terrible pmis on friday which showed slowing in europe, across europe. >> the best performing groups, augmented by the purchase of heinz, are these companies that do really well in a slow economy. kimberly, clorox, they're very
, was to cause trouble for yourself. even when a whole new vocabulary, wmd, homeland, regime change, freedom fries, coalition of the willing, was being confected and infiltrated into our national dialogue. the mainstream media was useless. even when the culture of the country i.t. itself, country music was drafted into service with twisting appeals to vengeance for 9/11. remember how you felt? no wonder cheney's arrogant to this guy. no wonder bush is effectively clueless. no wander the war hawks are shameless. all of them together got away with it. it was the people of silence. the newspaper editors. the network executives. the mostly respected columnists who know what they did and did not do who are wrestling now not with the history of the american invasion of iraq, we're all doing that, but their own history in doing nothing to ask the hard questions. persisting again and again with that hardest question of all. why? it had to be answered. was it being answered in principle and the language consistent with our american traditions? no. we're joined right now by nbc's great investigative c
is right here watching and listening. >> i think it's one of the fastest changing trends we've seen on a social matter in decades. >> marriage is between one man and one woman. >> it's not just what you say. it's how we say it. >> i don't believe we need to act like, you know, old testament -- >> what does that mean? >> i think you know it when you see it. >> remember, when you tell a gay person that their love is too unnatural for society to recognize, smile. >>> ahmed contentious debate and a major shift in public opinion, we're on day two of oral arguments at the supreme court over the fate of same-sex marriage. after hearing a challenge on tuesday to california's ban on same-sex marriage, today the justices moved to the question of the defense of marriage act, known as doma. at issue before the court, based on a 1996 law creating a federal definition of marriage, can the federal government deny benefits to same-sex couples in states where their marriages are legal? under doma same-sex couples from denied more than 1,100 federal benefits that would be granted to straight couples.
think very revealing window into how the country has changed. >> jeffrey toobin, thank you so much. these two cases are going before the supreme court at a time when public support for same-sex marriage continues to grow. recent polls show that's the case, but maybe the most striking number of concerns how many americas count gays and lesbians as close members of their circles these days, the higher visibility of gay power in hollywood has not exactly hurt that cause. >> knock knock, anybody homo? >> i am, i am. >> it's just a tv show, a situation comedy, not even a drama. >> tonight at dinner i'll tell my mother i'm gay. >> vice president biden has credited "will & grace" with changing americans' attitudes about same-sex marriage. >> i think will & grace probably did more to educate the american public than anything anybody's done so far. >> on this, supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage agree, hollywood has been influential of encouraging acceptance of gays and lesbians. it was through the medium of television that millions of americans first had open gays and lesbians in
or if public opinion would influence the supreme court. on day marriage we have seen the change in public opinion. it almost feels like they were messaging the exact opposite. they seemed to be concerned about moving too fast. >> that's a reasonable concern if you're the court. people have talked about whether the court moved too fast, for example, in the abortion decision, when the court in 1967 finally said it was unconstitutional for virginia and other states to have rules against interracial marriage. it was after waiting for a number of years and kind of putting off that decision as -- while a number of states change their laws and sort of public opinion caught up with it. i thought yesterday's arguments were really fascinating. not just for getting a glimpse -- and it is dangerous, you get insight for not just getting a glimpse of where justices may be going, but also in terms of how dramatically the debate over gay rights has shifted. you had the lawyer defending prop 8 arguing that california should be able to prohibit same-sex marriage, saying also that he couldn't see any justif
that will change the sky line and it will be adjacent to some of the tallest buildings west of the mississippi. these are the attributes that require employing the best practices, these are in large part, the fed spec, justifications, the metrics that when you build a building like this, form the basis for, enhancing the safety and security of the building beyond what you might otherwise do. so, why san francisco? you are the city of the golden gate bridge, you are the city of the transamerica tower and the great sports team and rail cars, but the executive director asked us to look at the future. what will san francisco be like when this transit center is done? >> that will have a new very significant building and a new very significant transit center and if you look at that when we are finished that is the new san francisco. >> this is a new downtown region. and so, what we are really talking about in the rva and what we are asking the design team to do is protect the final build-out. what was the tjfpa response to the request for the excuse me the rva. mention this safety and security part
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this number is baked in the cakes, the claims numbers, four-week moving number show there is no change in the labor market. the jolts data show you no major change in the labor market. none of the other indicators we look at show us there has been any near-term change in the labor market. we expect it to come in right around average, a little bit better than the consensus, we still, as we look forward in terms of looking it he squeeze on corporate profitability and corporate focus on earnings begin to think we are going to have a second quarter dip in employment, into the decline in employment, but a slow down in the pace of employment the second quarter, bring it back below 150,000 workers per month. >> steve, as an economist that sees weakness in future months in general in the economy, questioning the strength of corporate profits at this point, are you a bit surprised the markets are at record highs? i mean is this -- >> our view is the equity market is following what happened in the economy. the economy returned to the precrisis high several quarters ago and got the equity mark th
. we certainly hope that the president will change his mind and submit a plan that actually balances the budget. >> the senate plans to vote on the dueling plans and a whole series of amendments tomorrow. democrats say they favor a balanceed approach and republicans say they back a budget. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the hill. dow lost 90. s&p 500 dropped 13. the nasdaq fell 32. cyprus is officially on the clock. european bankers have given cyprus four days to come up with a new plan to avoid bankruptcy. senior foreign affairs greg palkot tells us what the hurry is. >> anger outside of the cyprus parliament. bank employees are worried they will lose their job. the both would take measure to consolidate the troubled cypriot financial failure to protect the smaller deposito depositors, said to be part of plan "b" to contribute to multibillion dollar bail out by the country. >> there is only one tactic. to save our economy and our country. >> the original plan for cyprus to tap in private bank account. it was nixed by officials after widespread outrage. a new approach includes a solid
. but as you saw in that video, the girls are just as difficult. and there is a definite change and a definite increase in this diagnosis. >> jim, with your work with the fbi, did you see an uptick? do you think we're seeing an uptick? >> yeah, i think we're seeing an uptick. the evidence that we just saw -- you should look at with women you're more likely to see group or mob behavior. that's when they act out that way. individual women are not as likely to act out that way as men are. but with social media these days, i think they get the feedback right away. they posted that video because they wanted to show off. and i think that adds fuel to the fire. >> stay right there, both of you. we're going to come back in just a moment. we're going to talk to a number of people. we're going to talk about the rise in this behavior and they're going to tell us how we might be able to recognize these straits in people we see every day. researchers say one out of every 100 people is a sociopath. but it may be a lot higher than that. we'll talk about that next. nnou] new york strips. sudden trips. mr. wig
and what not, please, take good care of what you're doing today. you may have to change travel plans. >>> severe storms in the south. heavy rain flooded streets yesterday and some cars in birmingham, alabama. even a mobile police command center got caught in rising water. the storms are expected to pack a punch today, too. north georgia and southern florida are on alert. possible tornadoes. >>> all right, i want to give you a new recordings of an eyewitness 911 call that is shedding new light on the deadly shooting of a toddler in georgia. listen to this. >> appears he has been shot. >> listen to me, ma'am, is the baby breathing? >> i don't know. the baby is in a stroller and i just came out. did you hear any shots in the area? >> listen the baby is on the ground. >> i have people en route to you. did you hear any shots in the area? >> yes, i heard the shots. >> 17-year-old elkens and a 14-year-old boy who the police are not naming because of his age, are charged with first degree murder. nick is in the small town of brunswick. you saturday down yesterday with the baby's mom, sherry
no interest in dropping their favorite past-time, but democrats could put a stop to it by changing the rules. the idea is it isn't even the rules, it's them. >> i thought it made sense right after he was elected the first time to try to reach across the aisle. that was the theme of his entire campaign. pretty soon it became clear that there was never going to be any, any give on, in terms of give and take on the part of the republicans. after a while, he needed, he and the democrats not just obama, needed to go after this party and make it clear that they are obstructionists, that they are harming working people. they're harming the middle class, they're harming the poor and that's never occurred. >> another example of this, carrie. jonathan bernstein in the "washington post" had a piece that sums up my feelings probably about this. but this is what he wrote -- he said the truth is that the house of representatives, which is the chief sort of opponents of the obama agenda, right now appear to be both in capable of legislating and not interested in it either. the only thing to do is put the d
murder and obviously with the murders of mike and cynthia mclelland this changes things dramatically here. it has many people on edge. >> ed lavendera, thanks so much. keep us posted as you dig deeper on this story. thanks so much. >>> we're asking more questions as well trying to find out the connections between these two cases that just took place yesterday and that of two months ago. the mayor of a town in kaufman county and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes will join us live. >>> and christians all over the world are celebrating easter today. in rome, pope francis delivered his first easter blessings since becoming pontiff. thousands of worshippers from around the world packed st. peter's square. senior international correspondent jim bittermann is in rome. >> reporter: barely two weeks into his reign, pope francis, as he celebrated his first easter mass, is putting distance between himself and his predecessor. for one thing, the new pope probably wouldn't have liked the term "reign." he he already has done several things to show he's against the imperial nature of the papacy.
. >> are they talking about it because it helps them politically or do they really think they're going to change something. >> absolutely they're talking about it because it helps them politically. they're talking to the far right of their base that really wants obamacare repealed. the problem here is that there's a practical element that they're overlooking or not talking about, which is the sheer magnitude of changing the u.s. health care system. you know, to a certain degree, the train has already left the station. republican governors in key states are resisting it. it could get even more so. but for republicans to really repeal obamacare, they're going to have to win the white house, and, you know, that's not -- their next opportunity is not for another three and a half years. >> so it does seem like the fight is moving to the states. health and human services secretary said that republican governors will eventually expand medicate because the benefits are too big to ignore. and we have seen a few big republican governors try to sign on. rick scott tried to do it in florida. although others
. >> perry, money can buy you ads. will it change any votes in congress say on gun control? >> these issues are all different. howard schultz and gay marriage, lots of americans are becoming more progay marriage. yochk he will make either an issue because people are already deciding pro-gay marriage, republican senators are coming out for gay marriage. that issue seems to be decided for most of the american public. immigration also will pass, not because of mark zuckerberg, but a lot feel they have to appeal to latinos. on the republican issue, the money could make a difference. what mayor bloomberg wants to do is influence a few democrats, mark prior of arkansas, mary landri landrieu, they might support background checks. these ads may make a difference in one of those states. >> let me play one of the ads so people know what we are talking about. >> for me, guns are for hunting and protecting my family. i believe in the second amendment and i'll fight to protect it. but with rights come responsibilities. that's why i support comprehensive background checks so criminals and dangerously men
regulation of guns seems to be as powerful as it's ever been, as though nothing has really changed since three months ago. >> the president is planning to go to colorado next week to continue this push for new legislation. he seemed to be speaking off the cuff and was very emotional himself yesterday with those newtown families. let me play a little clip from the president yesterday. >> i read an article in the news just the other day wondering is washington -- has washington missed its opportunity because as time goes on after newtown, somehow people start moving on and forgetting. let me tell you, the people here they don't forget. grace's dad's not forgetting. less than a hundred days ago that happened. and the entire country was shocked and the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we've forgotten. i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us if we've forgotten. >> casey, again, very powerful stuff. the reality is something very different, though. and we've seen what the nra has been able to mobilize. obviously the force
changes directions all of a sudden the wind will change another direction and blow you across into the other lane. >> reporter: the storm also left parts of new york wind whipped and blanketed under show. on the new jersey shore the battered coastline saw some of the worst flooding since superstorm sandy. >> it's devastating, devastating to see the towns go through this all over again when they're trying to get it together and come back. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of winter storms that hammered the region in the last month and has many looking forward to spring. >> they're saying 50 degrees by the weekend so i'm looking forward to that. it's been a rough winter. >> reporter: so the forecasters say this is going to continue for the rest of the morning, and then the storm is supposed to move out to sea. it's supposed to be nice here this weekend. >> not going to happen. jim axelrod thank you. >>> in europe's westchester count county in new york drivers are facing slick roads up to six inches of snow are expected there. meteorologist jeff gir
. >> regime change in iraq would bring about a number of benefits to the region. when the gravest of threats are eliminated the freedom-loving peoples of the region would have the chance to promote values that could bring lasting peace. >> simply stated, there is no doubt that saddam hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. there is no doubt that he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies and against us. >> do you think the american people are prepared for a long, costly and bloody battle with a significant american casualties? >> i don't -- i don't think it's likely to unfold that way, tim, because i think we will be greeted as liberators. >> i remember at the time it showed a modest majority of americans that opposed the war that would bring a significant level of casualty. the selling of the war announced not just that the war was justified and would have a limited cost. an insignificant level of casualties by americans and look what happened. your thoughts? >> you know, this was not either a war of choice nor a war of necessity as tim russert said. it was a wa
it a federal crime to move guns unlawfully against state line and changing things on books there. something people will talk about as a success if that gets through. so much focus on background checks. one of the big questions from people who are still hesitant about that is what would it actually do in a practical sense if you've got a neighbor-to-neighbor selling a weapon or a family member to another and how would that work in practical terms. the idea of background checks has broiad support but it gets down to the specifics. watch for the senators from red states up for re-election and the pressure is greatest on them. they are away two weeks now from washington, back home, and there will be pressure on them. they will hear from their constituents about what to do from this. if you don't have much support, if any, among republicans, you need those democrats to get it through. >> hey, mark, give me a sense of harry reid's role in this. he wants to keep that title senate majority leader. navigating through these ice floes of this. >> it's already on the side of those who would like to see
the big three in the u.s. >> plus big tax changes coming for big earners. how it will hit your portfolio and your retirement stash. >> a lot of political uncertainty over in italy, sparking fresh worries for the markets today. >> utilities have been a safe haven and continue to be so. big winners for the dough this hour, mcdonald's, j & j, intel and microsoft. the biggest losers? natural resources at a 52-week low. logitech is also down. inventories and fears about the euro zone pushing oil lower. down just a fraction now. nat gas is up 2 and a third%. up more than 20% this year. let's get more on the trading action. >> we're off the lows. once again, we're just on the razor's edge of everything that happens in europe. >> very choppy trading today. it's 3-2. some of the big names that are out there including some of the tech names and some of the material names certainly on the downside. there are some pockets of green. medicare is on the upside. they will announce the advantage rates on april 1. there are some reports that the rate cuts may not be as bad as some people were fearing. a l
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on a sustainable path. they're not today. and americans understand this. and the sooner we make changes to these programs, to put them on a sustainable path, the easier it will be to make those changes. >> let's move on to the republican party itself and the cpac conference this weekend. two potential presidential candidates. senator marco rubio and senator rand paul. had very different messages about the current state of the party. senator rubio said, we don't need any new ideas. the idea is called america and it still works. and here's what rand paul had to say. >> there is nothing conservative about bailing out wall street. our party is in encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. >> who's right? has it grown stale and moss-covered? >> listen, i think there's nothing wrong with the principles of our party. republicans have not done, as effective job as we should in terms of talking about our principles in terms average people can appreciate. why balancing the budget, would be good for the american family. we have to do a bette
about the drone policy. so are members of the judiciary committee who heard eric holder possibly change his position on the theoretical use of drones to kill u.s. citizens on american soil. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has tonight's top story. i thought i was saying no. >> that simple answer had to be forced out of attorney general eric holder. >> does the constitution allow u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the government? >> this is a hypothetical. i would not think in that situation use of drone or lethal force would be appropriate -- >> general holder, i find it remarkable in that hypothetical which is deliberately simple, you are unable to give a simple one-word, one syllable answer. no. >> not clear the response to the senate committee is a reversal of the march 4 letter to rand paul where he writes, "it is possible i supposed to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary an appropriate under the constitution and applicable laws of the united states for the president to authorize the milit
change over to rain and move into new jersey through philadelphia, into new york city as we continue through the day, and it extends back into chicago where we will see snow turn over to sleet and freezing rain. this area of low pressure back across indiana is going to move to the east, northeast through the morning, then we're going to see another storm system redevelop off the mid-atlantic coast. that's the one that brings heavier snow, across new england, and through the ski resorts. we see perhaps up to a foot of snow through parts of vermont into new hampshire and maine as well. it is not going to be a blockbuster storm, maybe an inch or so, you get to boston, we will see several inches of snow today and tonight as well. >> they've had some winter in boston so far. thanks very much. >>> we are following breaking news in indiana where a private plane crashed into a neighborhood near south bend. nbc's kevin tibbles is at the scene. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the private jet apparently experiencing technical problems slammed into this neighborhood
and a ton of the jobs, as well. they realize it's going to be a change of livelihood. changes that will happen in this country no matter what are going to be startling to the people here. >> i saw all the headlines coming from russia and the president here making strong comments. is that going to fall on deaf ears in europe? is that not a big deal as far as they're concerned? >> that would be my interpretation, absolutely. would you agree with that, adam? whatever russia says is going to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the troika? >> it doesn't fall on deaf ears. but the europeans have made a categoric statements. cypress has to come up with 5.8 billion euros. it can't be through new loans, it can't be through the pension funds, it can't be through securitized tax. even if they're going to come up with a tax on deposits or something else, they're going to have to solve the banks without the cash. >> but they don't care about the russi russians? >> they care about the russians, but not enough to give them another 5 billion euros. >> michelle, that you can very much and adam,
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art changes the lives of children and the brothers mcgill will play live here in nerd lar nerdland. the supreme court and marriage equality. how we finally got to this historic moemtd. moment. >>> good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. i often recount the story of my father. a long time activist who always signed my birthday cards, even when i was a very young girl, with the phrase, the struggle continues, daddy. it was his reminder to me and to all of his children that we are part of a long effort for greater freedom and equality and our struggles rarely begin or end in a single lifetime. struggle, well, continues. but sometimes you end up in the generation that has an extraordinary opportunity to be alive when the watershed comes and when everything changes. it seems like many people realize we are in such a moment right now. because they are already lining up outside the u.s. supreme court building in d.c. hoping to gain access to the public seating of this week's oral arguments on two cases consequential to the future of marriage ee kwaumt. on tuesday, the highest court will h
the integrity and the patrimony of the faith. if you're talking about radical changes, that's not part of the job description of the pope. he's supposed to exprrv hand on intact. now, here's a big distinction. we can talk and we better talk about perhaps a more credible, convincing way of expressing those immutable timeless truths will of the church because sometimes people tell us they find those things tough to accept or tough to believe. we better think about that. we can't change the "what." we can change want "how." how we teach and how we pass it on. and that will probably be part of our conversations. >> schieffer: well, your eminence, i want to wish you the very best as you embark on this mission, and i hope you'll keep us informed. >> thanks, bob. i'll keep you informed. i'll keep you in prayer. and i've still got that coffee cup you gave me the last time i was on. >> schieffer: all the best, your eminence. and we'll be back in just a minute. >> schieffer: and we're back again with bob woodward, rana foroohar the chief washington correspondent for the "new york times." david s
has changed. >>> yesterday chris christie was in parter son, new jersey where he just won 11% of the vote. >> when people have said that, governor, why don't you bring people together? i say, hell, i did bring people together. go to patterson. 89% of the people said, we don't want you. i thought, of course i'm not going to win there, but when i do win, i'm going to all those folks to know that i'm their governor, too. that's what you have to do if you want to lead. >>> but no good deed gotten unpunished. christie's outreach and decision to expand medication, which will provide health care for 300,000 poor people in his state did not go unnoticed. >> they pull off the effects of the massively expanded medicaid program where they also expand the definition of poor so more and more people are on the government dole. and this is why when you have republican governor like krispy kreme signing on to this, it's going to be financially ruinous. i'm a conservative, why don't i get to speak at cpac? have a doughnut and shut up, will you? >> ouch. ryan, do something that benefits your s
fared much better. and the report also suggests using more hollywood celebrities to help change perceptions. and it plans to rip a page from the obama play book by launching a complete revamp of digital technology. senior editor mark murray is here with more on what this means and what this does not mean, necessarily. what, first of all, what can we glean from this report about the direction that priebus now wants to take the gop? >> well, this is about a party trying to find its bearing after losing two straight presidential elections and not winning the popular vote in five out of the past six elections. one of the guide posts that priebus and the report lays out is to say, look, let's follow the pattern that republican governors across the country have been able to do. these governors are having a lot of successful there are 30 across the country. we follow their path and not the federal one, that is a better path to success. however, the one point is that a lot of those republican governors were all elected in 2009 and 2010 at a time when the unemployment rate was about 10%.
of the party a new reason to say, it hasn't changed. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell joining me there. deputy political editor, dominionco, at a time when they are trying to make a go at improving their image with latinos, then this happens. are they shouting him down on capitol hill yet? >> reporter: we've already heard from house speaker john boehner and the republican national committee chairman who have both disavowed this statement and say it doesn't stand for the party, completely distancing themselves from don young but it is a problem. the fact that republican leaders are now going to have to disavow this kind of statement. it is once again a reminder of everything that had happened during the 2012 election with so many of the bombastic comments that got them into place in the first place. it reminded me, bobby jindal was at the rnc meeting saying we cannot be the stupid party. we cannot have people saying things that are bombastic and bizarre and they're going to get us in this trouble. and here we go again. >> what else is congressman young said today? >> well, he stepped back from
eligiblibility. those are poison pills that you say the democrats are doing now. >> most of the changes in our bill to replace the sequester came out of the president's own budget. not all of them, but most of the changes. >> stuff that you put in there, you knew democrats wouldn't support, and it's exactly what you say senate democrats are doing now, putting in things that the republicans won't support. >> the house passes a bill. the senate can pass a bill. if we disagree, we go to conference and work it out. >> what happens now? what do you think the impact of all of this is? the president is saying there will be a ripple effect in the economy. there be a growth cut, a loss of 750,000 jobs. >> why hasn't he acted? >> what's the impact? >> this is not the smartest way to cut money. the smarter way would be to actually move a bill that deals with the long-term spending problem. you can't continue to spend money that you don't have. >> is this going to hurt the economy? will it hurt economic recovery? >> i don't know whether it's going to hurt the economy or not. i don't think anyone quite und
to change? >> okay. well basically if that situation would change, basically we'd have to see this rippling out to other countries. if deposited in periphery countries, like spain, and did a run on the bank, obviously the global economy would be in jeopardy and that obviously includes u.s. markets. naturally europe is one of our biggest trading partners. but for now investors don't seem to be too stressed. it is a very tiny country. it doesn't have the same impact like say france or germany. plus, we have seen a huge rally in the stock market since the start of the year. major averages up 7% to 10%. you know, it would take a lot to change that. michael. >> be half up on the day already. >> right. and of course big frustration, people can't get to their money from the banks. but then, jim, maybe you have some encouragement. any sign perhaps banks will reopen as early as tuesday perhaps? >> that can only happen if there's an agreement here to save the banks. the restructure, shutdown, whatever you want to call it. and reorganize these banks and europe says, okay, we'll allow the european cent
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